Eco Friendly

  • Digital Illustration is greener

    The need of the world is to do anything fruitful without inflicting damages to the already abused environment. The environment has suffered a lot at the hands of human beings and hence the increased awareness to adopt sensible measures to protect it remains the top most priority for all of us irrespective of the tasks carried on by us. Everyone should consciously adapt a lifestyle that will reduce the wastage and lead a more eco friendly lifestyle.

     So, if you are an illustrator you could do your share of contribution for the benefit of the environment by adopting digital illustration methodology as you would not be abusing the trees by consuming a truckload of papers for your illustrations. Earlier, when one had to come up with a final image, there was bound to be a trash can full of half drawn on papers.

     Also, in the name of cleaning your paint brushes and palettes adequate quantity of water gets wasted when a fraction of the world remains thirsty most of the days. All these can be avoided when you empower yourself with the digital principles of illustration and not only with your illustrations but also through the means you produced them you would be benefitting the world that could thank you forever for your mindful contributions!